Cleaning Point in accordance with the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act 2008 provides bond cleaning services to fulfil property manager requirements of that property so that the leaseholder can get their full bond money back.



All bedrooms are dusted, cobwebs removed, vacuumed/mopped; doors wiped; litter is removed; inside windows, tracks and sills are cleaned. Cupboards/wardrobes are cleaned inside out. Mirrors, doorknobs, light switches and door handles are cleaned.     


We clean and decontaminate the entire bathroom flooring and other surfaces, ensuring de-lime and removal all buildup and deposit from all toilets, tiles, bath, shower screens, shower doors and bathroom sinks.

All mirrors, bathroom skirting, light switches and other cupboards and fittings are wiped down, inside and out.

All the taps, exhaust fans, bathroom railings, windows and window tracks are cleaned.


All tiled areas swept and mopped; cobwebs; skirtings; frames; benchtops, splashbacks, light switches cleaned; windows cleaned; all cupboards and drawers cleaned inside-out. Full oven clean inside-out including oven grills, trays, glass etc. Clean in-out and around the stovetop, components, knobs etc.  Full Rangehood clean including its filter and exhaust (if it can be removed). Refrigerator; dishwasher; microwave cleaned inside-out. Sink build up removed, taps and drain hole cleaned.

Living and Common Area

All floors are vacuumed/mopped; windows cleaned from inside; skirtings, frames, mirrors and fittings wiped down. All the bench and other surfaces are wiped down and cupboards cleaned. Cobwebs and litter removed. Blinds, rails and light fittings (that can be safely removed and/are accessible) dusted.  Air Conditioner and its filters cleaned. Power plugs spot cleaned. Door tracks, windowsills, sliding tracks are vacuumed and cleaned.

Hallways & Entry

All floors are vacuumed/mopped. Cobwebs removed; Windows cleaned from inside. All stairwells, skirtings, frames and windows are wiped down. Cupboards cleaned inside-out.


All floors are mopped. All Cupboards, drawers, shelves cleaned inside-out. Clean around/behind the washing machine and dryer. All laundry tubs, taps, windows and window tracks are cleaned.


Remove all cobwebs and sweep the garage floor.


Complimentary sweep and mop.

Supplementary Services offered as a part of Bond Clean are:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Pressure Cleaning
  • Furnished Property Cleaning

These services are offered individually or as a part of a bond clean if required. They will be quoted accordingly as per your request and will separately be added to your bond clean quote.

Our Services & Guarantee Exclusions:

Outside Areas

Any outside areas will not be included in our service unless specified and agreed upon. Outside windows and glass surfaces at a reachable distance will be cleaned but will not be guaranteed because of dust and weather factors.


We give a complimentary sweep/mop in the balcony or patio area, but we do not guarantee them because of dust, rain and other weather factors.


We try cleaning the mould, tile grout but we do not guarantee them.


We do not include the ceilings as a part of our service as it requires working with heights license.

Damp Spots

We try our best to remove the damp spots around your property however we do not guarantee cleaning of damp spots in the property as in some cases they do not fully vanish despite our efforts.


This usually occurs on tiles, plastic items, toilets etc. and these items are cleaned with the best of our professional experience and abilities, but we are unable to provide guarantee on it.


We only clean wall spots such as light scuff marks, insect marks, marks around light switches, focal points and skirting boards on the walls etc. But if the wall requires a detailed wash that comes at an additional price which will be informed to you upon a site visit.

Extra Items

Any extras like furniture, fridge or any other white goods will not be included unless specified and agreed upon before clean.


We only sweep the garage floor but do not guarantee it. Garage walls are not cleaned.

Furnished Properties

All items present in all the cupboards and drawers must be removed for us to clean the inside of it. Kitchen items inside cupboards and drawers are not guaranteed. In case of a furnished property, the cutlery placed in cupboards and drawers will not be cleaned.

Standard surface blinds that do not require special attention or extra time and can be dusted or cleaned will be attended. Blinds, Curtains, Venetians, Roller blinds made of special material requiring specialist and extra time will be separately quoted based on the total number of blinds in the property. 

All decorative items such as clocks, pots, vases etc. will not be cleaned nor warranted.

Risky Areas

Any risky areas such as broken power points, form of rubbish, bio waste etc. considered unsafe by our cleaners will not be attended.

Post-Clean Events

Cleaning Point takes no responsibility or guarantees on any events that happen after the bond clean within the 7-calendar day warranty period, that may impact the bond released by the property manager for which the cleaner is not responsible. Such events may be:

  • Dead insects or animal feces.
  • Third-party contractor or person accessing the property post clean that hasn’t been authorized by us.
  • Surface dust or dirt, build up etc. caused because of leaving a window/door open.
  • New people moving in or have moved in.