Keeping our hospitals clean is crucial now more than ever.

Taking care of the community’s health requires a sanitary hospital environment that prevents the spread of disease-carrying bacteria. Hygienic practices in medical facilities keep both medical workers and patients safe from infection. The value that a well-cleaned space gives to a hospital is at par with any state of the art equipment. That is why investing in a competent cleaning system should also be a prime concern. 

The Cleaning Point Trust:

Cleaning Point strictly adheres to healthcare cleaning regulations and leaves no room for compromise. Our licensed cleaners follow best practices when it comes to medical-grade disinfecting. We guarantee that your facility would meet health department codes and patient satisfaction.

Private hospitals
Medical Centres
Health clinics
Bathrooms and Patient rooms

Our Cleaning Services Include:

  • Hospital-grade disinfectants
  • Sanitation of high touch point areas
  • Regular maintenance 
  • Specialized sanitation equipment
We have superior standards for all our services and exceptional customer service experience. We are here to look after all your cleaning needs so that you can go on and continue doing the things that really matter. We provide 100% job satisfaction guarantee to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

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