Use of any of the services offered by Cleaning Point establishes your contract to be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned on this page. These terms and conditions are the full and comprehensive service agreement between you (Client) and us (Cleaning Point) to provide services. Please note that these terms and conditions may change without any notice at our sole judgment. However, all the changes will be posted at  to notify you and keep you posted. You should check this page frequently to ensure that you are constantly aware of these changes.


The terms and conditions listed under general are applicable to all services offered by Cleaning Point to the Clients. They will be considered over any other form of communication and records from the Client.

Cleaning Point will not tolerate any form of inappropriate behaviour towards the company, or our cleaner partners that may be of harassing, intimidating, threatening or fearful in any nature; be it verbally or physically by the client. This includes but is not limited to use of explicit language, racial or offensive remarks. We will make it a point to take the best possible action within our rights, including legal action against any parties that are involved in such behaviour. In such cases, we reserve the rights to dismiss any services offered by Cleaning Point to the Client without any refund. You the Client agree to this and is compliant to make no such claim to receive any refund.

Please find a full list of our Bond clean Inclusions and Exclusions here.

Our Bond Cleaning Checklist can be found here.

Bond Back Assurance

Cleaning Point provides a bond back guarantee on all our end of lease cleaning services for a period of 72 hours. In a rare case, if your real estate or property agent isn’t happy with our clean, and we’re notified within the 72 hours guarantee period, we’ll come back and re-clean the addressed issues at no extra costs. Our bond back assurance only covers the areas addressed in our bond clean inclusion list, as per our final quote and checklist. Cleaning Point will not be liable for any damages that are caused by the tenant.

If the managing agent is unhappy with our cleaning, please request a re-clean. We will need a list of the exact areas with photographic proof that need to be addressed during our re-clean.  

There may exist certain areas where no extent of cleaning may improve the state of the area any further at your property. In such cases, we refrain from providing the bond back assurance for that part of the property. We will let you know about any such areas during the initial inspection or immediately after having made attempts to clean it. Cases of some such areas may include but are not limited to:

  • Mould
  • Permanent Wall Marks
  • Permanent Carpet Stains
  • Rust
  • Lubricant/Greasy Stains

We guarantee you that we will come to the property and provide the service until the customer/tenant/landlord/managing agent is satisfied with the work that we have done. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund on the services we offer and you as a client agrees to this.

The bond back assurance is only applicable to the services that were included in the main quote along with all the extras that were agreed for. Any work that wasn’t meant for or agreed to be offered by us is not mentioned in the service.

There will be no full refunds once the service is finished; our bond back assurance ensures that our cleaner partner will be there on the site until the client/landlord/managing agent is satisfied.

We only return to attend a re-clean once we get a written list with photographic proof from the managing agent who will make a decision on finalisation of your bond.

This guarantee is only applicable if we are contacted within 72 hours after the service is given.

Our bond cleaning guarantee gets void if the property is occupied by someone and accessed by other contractors/people other than the client or managing agent if the 72 hours guarantee is active.

Please note that the guarantee doesn’t apply to situations in wear and tear. If a wall or carpets are damaged, it will not be restored by any means; since all we do is the cleaning and not provide other services.

Quoting & Pricing

Every Quote will be conveyed through our Website or E-mail/Phone/SMS and will be accepted by the same with a confirmation of the date and time.

Each quote is valid for a limited period of time depending on our availability.

All the quotes provided by Cleaning Point are purely estimates and based on the average house and room sizes. While we make every attempt to provide the most accurate quotes for your property on our website, over the phone or via email, there may be times where we reserve the right to alter your initial quote post-inspection only after your approval if:

The original details or property requirements change or weren’t correctly entered or weren’t as described by the Client. For example, additional rooms, toilets, bathroom, binds etc. in the property than described.

The condition of the property is not as expected or is heavily soiled as this may require extra time and attention to make sure it is up to bond cleaning standards.

If there are any differences in the state or size of the rooms/property compared to the average room sizes and specifications.

If the cleaner partners have acquired any other costs on oneself such as parking cost, property key pickup fees etc.

If the client requests any additional items to be included as a part of the clean.

Any removal of extra items left behind including rubbish etc.

We may refuse to clean an item/area at no additional discount offered to the client if the item/area possesses any risk to the cleaner partner. For example, any light fittings that may seem dangerous to touch/remove or at a height that requires working with heights license, broken/cracked electrical fittings etc.

Upon approving the variation of initially quoted amount, you agree to pay the difference amount by your preferred means of payment through our secure website payment gateway using your debit or credit card. Alternatively, you can send us the payment through an online bank transfer or other online methods such as PayPal; but you must provide the proof of remittance.  The extra charge will be discussed prior for approval and will be considered on the amount of additional time required/taken to perform the service in an eminent and timely manner.

We will not charge any extra fees unless they are approved by consumer/occupant/agent and Cleaning Point.

No approval or agreement on quote variation of any such areas upon discussion may void your bond back assurance on the addressed areas or property depending on the situation. Under such situations, Cleaning Point will communicate with you over a phone call, email or in person.

Service Cancellation and Rescheduling

If you happen to change your mind for any reason and want to reschedule or cancel your service, please let us know at least 72 hours before the service day to avoid any cancellation penalties of up to $150.

We hold the rights to call off your booking at a cost of $50 if:

Our cleaner partners were not able to go inside the property at the time of service because no one was available to give them access and/or there were no other means of accessing the property.

There were health, safety and/or well-being concerns involved at the property for our cleaner partners.

The property is not yet fully ready for the service. This could occur if the owners/tenants are still in the process of moving stuff, home is heavily soiled and messy or it’s a furnished property, other contractors/tradespeople at the property working etc.

If by any chance, you decide to cancel any of our services due to providing incorrect or misleading information, if the cleaner partner/subcontractor/associate has been sent off to the location but the client decides to call off the service before it starts.

There is difficult or no water and/or electricity access on the property required for our services.

The parking access is not available or is difficult at the property.

The cancellation notice was not given 72 hours prior to service time.

If the client decides to cancel the service once the service has been initiated, then you may have to pay an extra charge for the work including travel expenses and booking fees.

If the Client cancels or rearranges a service within 2 hours of any service initiation, there may be an extra charge for tour expenses and booking expenses; it depends on time and date.

A rescheduling fee of $50 will be charged if:

The reschedule notice was not given 72 hours prior to the service time.

There have been multiple reschedules been requested for your service.

We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel any Service if the property is not as described either in condition or size or if any unexpected circumstances occur.


All payments for the services must be made in full before the day of the service either online or by direct bank transfer, Cash or any other online methods such as PayPal or Credit Card (All credit card transactions will incur a 2.5% surcharge).

If you would like to book your clean on a certain date and would like for us to hold the slot for you on the day, you must pay a booking fee of $50 and provide remittance details via email to complete your booking.

Bank transfer can take up to 3 business days for a payment to clear. You are required to send the remittance details via email to us. Failure to receive remittance details or payment within our bank account 3 days prior to the service day will result in cancellation of your service.

The payment rules apply for all services we offer and if somehow the payment is not received prior to the day of the job, then we reserve all the rights to cancel your service. You could be charged a cancellation fee of up to $150 depending on the service you want.

If the payment is not received in full for the provided service within one month of the original invoice date, a late payment fee of $50 is applicable for the first month. Additionally, for every 3 days, that payment remains outstanding, you will incur a late payment fee on a fixed rate of 8% per annum.

Promo Codes

All Promo Codes offered by Cleaning Point is subject to certain terms and conditions as follows:

The Promo Code must be redeemed within the validity period for which it is offered on an online transaction to get discount or benefits on services offered.

It cannot be applied to anything else but for the service, it is offered.

It cannot be applied to any previously placed orders.

It is only redeemable once per customer and cannot be combined with any other offer.

Promo Codes are non-transferrable, non-redeemable and certainly cannot be used for the purchase of gift cards or redeem cash etc.

Client Responsibilities

Safe Working Space.

Please let us know of any unsafe areas, slippery surfaces or any other dangers around the property that may jeopardize their safety. It is important that we know of any such areas before our cleaner partners begin the service to ensure a safe working environment for all.

We need a place to Park.

Our cleaner partners require access to a secure car park for the duration of your service. This is your responsibility. If you cannot arrange a car park, either on the street or on the same premises as your property, you will be charged the cost of paid parking. Cleaning Point will provide you with a receipt post clean and charge you the full amount for parking.

Still some Stuff left behind at the property?

We understand that you may have unintentionally left behind small bits and pieces of trash in and around the property.  However, if our cleaner partners need to make a few trips to the bin or bring back rubbish left behind with them, or if heavy lifting and moving of the stuff and personal belonging is involved, you are liable to pay the additional fees for the service.

All the heavy items that the team moves before the start of the service will be performed at your own risk. We also do not provide bond back assurance on the rubbish removal (inside or out) in any such event. This will be communicated and discussed with you via Phone/SMS/E-mail.

We need an Empty house & Some Space.

While our team is probably the friendliest bunch of people you’ll meet, this probably won’t be the best point in time for small talks. In order for them to leave your place to the Sparkling Point, we politely please ask you to go out for a stroll for the duration our team is performing the service.

Also, the property must remain vacant until your final inspection has taken place. As having other contractors, people, potential tenants/buyers or movers visiting post clean may compromise the fairness of your end of lease clean.

Accident or Damage, Claims & Complaints

If in case any accident or damage occurs at your property by our cleaner partners, Cleaning Point will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We are fully insured and will work with our/cleaner partners insurance company and yourself or your managing agents to fix any such issues. 

Please be advised that the properties must be empty and unfurnished to begin our services and Cleaning Point cannot be held accountable for any accidental losses or damages to the items present in the property at the time of cleaning.

Cleaning Point takes no responsibility for any repair or replacement of items that are older and prone to accidental breakage or damage due to wear and tear from earlier, or due to being incorrectly positioned, used or assembled. Such items may include but are not limited to light fittings, fly screens etc. In case of any damage that may have occurred beyond wear and tear due to our service, we will need damage details in writing along with photographic evidence for proof and insurance purposes. 

Any such damage claims provided by either party (our client & our cleaner partner) during the service will be subject to the proof provided and will strictly be our cleaner partner’s responsibility if at fault. Our cleaner partner and the client agree to exchange details and allow for our cleaner partner to access the property for quoting, repair and replacement purposes.

The customer agrees that bond back assurance on the property gets void if the property is found in a furnished state upon arrival.

No Refund claims will be entertained post service completion and once our cleaner partners have left the property.

Before a third party arrangement is made to attend unsatisfactory areas, the customer agrees to allow multiple re-cleans or examinations of these areas.

The bond back assurance only covers the areas listed in our inclusions and does not cover any other additional services added along with your end of lease cleans such as carpet cleaning or pest control.

Any complaints in writing must be made to within 24 hours post service completion, including your full name, contact details, explanation and documentations seeking the type of resolution.

The client agrees that we hold the rights to take no actions or dismiss a complaint if the client fails to follow Cleaning Point complaint procedure.

A complaint will be closed once the client is satisfied with our proposed action. If unsatisfied, both the client and Cleaning Point have rights to take the complaint further with relevant consumer protection agency, solicitors or legal consultants for respective state/territory. 

Insurance Protection

The Client agrees to cover Cleaning Point against:

Any losses or liabilities that are a direct or indirect result of our service. This includes the losses and liabilities that occur from violation of customer’s warranties.

All amounts and legal consultation costs that concern any demands, operations or other affairs.  This may include but is not limited to any compromise, settlements, appeal, mediation or any debt recovery actions taken for the customer.

Information You Provide

The information added by you on the Cleaning Point website will be assumed as accurate and will not be changed by the time the service is provided.

If the information given by you is not precise then, as a result, there could be a variation in the price quoted for the service. The client/occupant/agent will need to pay for the distinction in prices or withdraw the service as per the terms and costs stated earlier in this document.

Our Service Appointment

The Client/Occupants/Agents should understand that unexpected situations may result in the termination of service.

All cancelled services will be rearranged by Cleaning Point.

If the Client wishes to cancel service after a reschedule made by Cleaning Point the Client will not be charged for it. 

Offering Extra Services

Services given by us to you are with due diligence from our experts.

Customers should do their best to ease the work of the cleaners by keeping their personal items or furniture away from the area that is going to be cleaned. A fee may be charged if it takes over 15 minutes to move items away from the cleaning area.

We will charge a fee to cover all the operating costs if we have to pick up and drop off keys from a managing agent more than 10 km from the area where the service is to be given.